'SCARECROW' marks Duel's final drama
Syracuse Herald Journal, January 9, 1972
Percy MacKaye's "The Scarecrow," Hollywood Television Theatre's colorcast tomorrow at 8 p.m. on WCNY-TV here, will mark the last dramatic appearance of Pete Duel outside his own ABC-TV series Alias Smith and Jones.

Duel, who died Dec. 30, portrays "Richard Talbot," finance of Blythe Danner as "Rachel Merton."

The story, based on Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Featherstone Tale," combines romance, revenge and witchcraft. Gene Wilder is cast in the title role of the straw man who is brought to life as an instrument of ill-will, but ironically learns the values of love and friendship.

He becomes "Lord Ravensbane" and successfully woos "Rachel" away from "Talbot." But, finally, he chooses to die to save her from future grief.

Nina Foch will be seen as "Goody Ricky," sometimes called "Blacksmith Bess," a woman who is capable of witchcraft. Her assistant, "Dickon," the devil, will be played by Norman Lloyd. Veteran Will Geer will play "Justice Gilead Merton," now a respectable magistrate but formerly a lover of "Goody."

Other principals and their roles are: Ann Doran as "Mistress Dodge;" Tom Helmore as "Sir Charles Reddington;" Peter Kastner as "Captain Bugby;" Vaughn Taylor as "Rev. Master Rand;" Elisha Cook Jr. as "Micah;" Joan Tompkins as "Mistress Cynthia Merton;" and John Myhers as "Rev. Master Todd."

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