flip, March 1972

So you're walking down the street, or you're at the studio where they film "Alias Smith And Jones," or you're in a restaurant and you see Pete Duel--what do you do? How do you approach him?

Softly--that's the key word. Pete really likes his fans but he's a private kind of guy who likes to be left alone a lot. So the best thing to remember if you meet Pete is to be very polite and come right to the point. If you want an autograph or just to say hello, go up to him when you can see that he's not busy, say hello, introduce yourself and ask for what you want--an autograph or whatever. Then once you've got it, move over out of the way and just watch for a while. You'll be able to tell if he's got the time to stop and talk with you or if he's terribly busy.

The thing to remember with Pete is not to bug him. Be polite and thoughtful--and he just might take the time to really sit down and talk with you. But if you come on very pushy and demanding you'll probably get an autograph and not much else.

Keep in mind that he's a very busy person, but also a very groovy guy if you just give him a chance.

Supposing you get the chance in a lifetime to meet Ben Murphy, star of "Alias Smith and Jones," how do you act? What do you say to him?

Don't worry about it at all, especially if you're female. Ben likes girls--all girls. All you have to do is look him in the eye and smile your best smile and he'll more than likely drop everything and stop to talk with you, unless of' course he happens to be drastically busy at the moment.

But don't be afraid of him. He's a very real and very friendly guy. Do be prepared to tell him about yourself, for he likes to find out everything he can about the girls he meets--so try not to just stand there and stare at him with your mouth open!

Talk to him, answer his questions and ask him anything about him you want to know. You'll find him a very easy person to get to know. He's kind of like a large puppy dog and you just like him immediately!

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