Photos and Captions
Movieland & TV Time Annual
Spring and Fall 1972 issues
Spring Annual, Date Talk: Ben Murphy of "Alias Smith and Jones" finds time to date Jean Netter.

Spring Annual, Date Talk: Pete Duel and Diana Ray were getting to be sort of a steady couple.

Spring Annual, from an article on Judy Strangis (of Room 222): Judy is very popular but doesn't have too much time after work to date. She likes going out with Ben Murphy, too.

Spring Annual, Baby Talk: Sally Field who used to be "The Flying Nun" seems to have her feet firmly on the ground these days as she strolls with her son, Peter. She's joined "Alias Smith and Jones" this season.

Fall Annual, The Dating Scene: Ben Murphy is enjoying the success of "Alias Smith and Jones." Ben also enjoys the company of lovely ladies like Cathy Hames.

Fall Annual, The Mating Scene: Jaclyn Davis and husband Roger Davis are a loving couple after three years of marriage. Roger's great on "Alias Smith and Jones."

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