For Teens Only, February 1972


1. Ben enjoys being with a girl who digs going places and meeting people, too.
2. A casual dresser, Ben's attracted to a girl who feels at home in jeans.
3. A good conversationalist turns Ben on.
4. No matter how hard he tries, Ben can't refuse a glass of cherry juice and he's sure to have a big smile for the girl who's serving it.
5. On a free afternoon, Ben enjoys cruising in his aqua convertible with a pretty girl at his side.
6. Ben loves to run his fingers through a girl's silky hair.
7. Being impetuous, Ben admires a girl who won't say no to a last minute date.
8. Jealousy really turns Ben off.
9. Being a non-smoker, Ben feels great when his date can say no to a cigarette, too.
10. At the end of a skiing date, Ben likes to relax with a girl over a hot cup of cocoa.


1. Talking with a girl who's just as concerned about the ecology movement as Pete is really turns him on.
2. Being an avid reader, Pete appreciates a girl who passes a good book on to him.
3. Pete can lose his heart while riding along a country road in his camper with another nature lover sharing his front seat.
4. A health food addict, Pete loves being served a glass of carrot juice prepared especially for him.
5. Pete's always thrilled when his date joins him and his three dogs in a playful romp.
6. Pete digs holding hands during a movie date.
7. On a date Pete prefers going to small get-togethers or-better yet-being alone with his girl.
8. Pete digs a girl who doesn't mind watching an occasional football game on TV.
9. A true animal lover, Pete feels especially close to any girl who loves animals as much as he does.
10. Listening to classical music is one of Pete's favorite ways of relaxing and he goes for a girl who can sit back and enjoy it, too.

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