Tiger Beat, October 1971

Full real name: Peter Ellstrom Deuel
Nicknames: Pete
Birthdate: Feb. 24
Birthplace: Penfield, N.Y.
Personal points: brown hair, brown eyes, 6', 158 lbs.
Parents' names: Ellsworth and Lillian
Brothers' and sisters' names: Geoffrey and Pamela
Instruments played: fingers
Age entered show business: 19
Where living: Hollywood
Hobbies: writing poetry, auto racing, wilderness camping
color: brown
drink: organic apple juice
clothes: bells, denim shirts
group: Beatles
car: 1947 Chevrolet
actress: Anne Bancroft
actor: Zero Mostel
food: steak and lobster
dessert: ice cream made with honey
singer: Pamela Deuel
song: "Free Again"
Miscellaneous likes: Shoshone the Wonder Dog, Dianne the Wonder Woman, and my niece Jennifer!
Miscellaneous dislikes: Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution
Personal ambition: peace in a pollution-free environment
Professional ambition: to do two movies a year
Address: Universal Studios, 100 Universal City Plaza, University City, Ca. 91608

"You should have seen the stunned expression on my mother's face when I announced I wanted to be an actor," recalls Pete Duel. "She must've thought I was joking because for years she was convinced I was going to become a doctor!"

Actually, it's not at all surprising that Mrs. Deuel expected her son to eventually practice medicine, because the Deuel's background boasts of six generations of doctors! But Pete knew that medicine was not intended for him, and instead found a theatrical career inviting and challenging.

Pete enrolled in various drama workshops and had his first major break in "Wounded in Action" filmed on location in the Philippines. Upon his return to the United States, job offers were cropping up everywhere, and Pete landed the leading role on the comedy series "Love on a Rooftop" with Judy Carne. This led to additional TV appearances, and eventually his second series, "Alias Smith and Jones".

Pete is very much a romantic and enjoys writing poetry and selecting little gifts for the girls he's close to. On days off he can easily be found sporting his favorite jeans, and out somewhere car-racing or camping in the great outdoors. Being close to nature is important to Pete, and he says nothing will ever get him to believe otherwise!

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