Excerpts from The Story behind... SIX GUYS WITH GIRL TROUBLE
by Sam Collini
Photo TV Land, April 1967

A good part of the fascination people find in the romances of others is the sense of identification. This is particularly true when the average person examines the problems of his heroes--the stars. "Imagine," he says to himself, "those guys have the same trouble that I do!" Suddenly the stars are no longer the remote god-like creatures their publicity has made them seem. They become flesh-and-blood human beings trying to make their own way in the same tough and agonizing world.

Skipping over Ryan O'Neal (broken marriage), Roy Thinnes (bad marriage), Chris Connelly (potential husband to Pat Morrow), and on to....

At first glance Peter Deuel would seem to be problem-free. He has no martial or romantic hang-ups at the moment, his career is blooming--what more could he want? For one thing, he could want the assurance that the girls who dig him are not overwhelmed by his newly-won star status. For another he might worry about his fame cutting him off from relatively normal relationships. All he has to do is look around to see some pretty frightening examples of what stardom has done to some other young actors with regards to their personal lives.

Skipping over Lee Majors (divorced with son) and Adam West (playboy with 2 divorces)....

These six your men run the gamut of personality, from the outgoing and relaxed Peter Deuel and Adam West to the moody Lee Majors. Of them all, perhaps Roy Thinnes comes closest to giving a feeling of solid maturity, and it is no accident that he seems to have come closest to resolving his conflicts. The others are all boyish and, to some observers, at least, they have an aura of irresponsibility.

All six have been subjected to intense public scrutiny. Only Peter and Adam are able to take it in stride. For the others, the lack of privacy is something approaching agony. Naturally the girls they know are affected by the same glare of the spotlight. It has made romance a sometime thing, to be stolen in those rare moments when the star's time or person is not demanded.

What does the future hold for these men with their girl troubles? Again it seems to be a mixed bag.

Photo Caption: Peter, Ryan, and Adam are all on the loose, playing happy bachelor. But all three are looking, sometimes without knowing it, for The Girl to come along. Their playboy reputations aren't about to help them in finding that girl.

Skipping over Ryan again....

Peter and Adam will go their merry way, dating many girls, becoming involved with none. The problem here is that as time goes by they will find it harder and harder for girls to take them seriously. A playboy reputation is no ticket to a happy marriage.

Skipping over Roy, Chris, and Lee....

Each of these six stars, then, has to take the bit in his teeth and be prepared to take over his own destiny. Too often people leave their future to fate but if these guys want their future to have love, family, a woman to share with, they cannot risk that luxury.

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