Tiger Beat Spectacular, October 1971


TIGER BEAT SPECTACULAR: How old do you think a girl should be to get married?

PETE: I think everyone agrees that marriage is a very personal thing and can't, or shouldn't, be set to any rules. Of course, I can't see anyone -boy or girl-getting married at twelve or thirteen! A girl should give herself the chance and time to grow as an individual so that when marriage does come, she will go into it with that much more to share and enjoy with the person she loves.

TIGER BEAT SPECTACULAR: Do you believe in the husband being the "Head of the Household?"

PETE: Definitely. But I don't think yon will find any guy who doesn't believe that, even if he claims to be very progressive and "in" with today. When a man expects to be the head of the household it doesn't mean the wife should lose all her identity. She should have her opinions about matters, but let her husband know she respects his position as the policy maker in the family.

TIGER BEAT SPECTACULAR: Did you ever go steady?

PETE: Yes. Several times a week. No, seriously, I think everyone goes through that, especially when you first start dating because it's such a new experience. It just depends on how serious the people involved are on going steady. There's the going steady where just a ring or bracelet is exchanged-but love... real love is not involved. Then there's the going steady that eventually leads to marriage!


TIGER BEAT SPECTACULAR: Do you prefer group dates? Or would you rather be with your date only?

BEN: I enjoy parties and big gatherings. I just think they're more fun--you know, the more the merrier! But then, there are times when it's really nice to just sit and talk to a girl and share good times. One of the nicest things in life which always comes as a pleasant surprise is finding someone you like and then discovering you have several things in common. I'm waiting to find the girl who likes sardines and chocolate ice cream as much as I do! I met one girl who liked the combination but she didn't like it sprinkled with pistachio nuts like I do!

TIGER BEAT SPECTACULAR: Do you feel "that love at first sight is real"?

BEN: Every time! No, really I can't say whether I do or not. I usually find it very difficult to ask a girl for that first date so I wind up seeing her at several parties before I can get those words out. By the time I've finally gotten around to asking her out, I find I really like her as a person not just someone who is especially appealing in appearance. But it doesn't hurt for her to be pretty and head over heels in love with me, either!

TIGER BEAT SPECTACULAR: Should a girl pretend to be busy when a guy asks her out the first time so he won't think she was waiting for him to call?

BEN: No, games are out! People should always be honest with each other, otherwise it's no good. If a girl really wants to go out with someone and he calls up to see if she'd like to go out in ten minutes, then she should say so and not pretend that she doesn't. But then, guys should be considerate. I'd give her fifteen minutes!

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