Rochester Democrat and Chronical TV tab, August 13, 1967
It was a case of Father knew best a few years ago when Dr. Ellsworth Deuel of Penfield told son Peter to quit college, to go to New York to study acting and "stop wasting your time and my money."

After parts in a touring play and several television series, in both New York and Hollywood, Peter co-starred in "Love on a Rooftop." He now is working on a movie, "A Time for Heroes," under a new contract with Universal studios.

He's taking time from his busy schedule for a trip home this Sunday, Aug. 13, to appear at the Monroe County Rotary Club's Annual Horse Show at Finger Lakes Race Track from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Unlike the three-months married young architect he played each week on television, Deuel lives alone in Hollywood and spends much of his time at the movies. He thinks watching other actors is like an additional acting course.

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