16 Magazine, December 1971

ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH for a very individualistic, very private kind of guy? Are you rough enough to stand by your own thoughts and ideas, no matter how much they may disagree with your guy's? If you gave a strong, solid yes to both of these questions, then maybe--just maybe--you're ready for love with Pete Duel!

Pete himself is a very rough and tough kind of guy. He's a rugged individualist who will fight to the end for a cause, a principle or a person he believes in. He doesn't understand "copping out" or giving in just because he may be up against an army of people who disagree with him. Some people may consider this attitude headstrong, but it's not. Pete will bend and he will admit he's wrong--if he sincerely feels that he is. Otherwise, he'll stand up and fight!

Pete is a very, very private person. Don't mistake this need for privacy for a need to shroud himself in the so called glamorous, star-like aura of mystery. None of that for Pete! It's just that his particular life-style is one of simplicity, of naturalness, of uncluttered space--and most of all, of privacy. Pete in some ways is a loner. He's restless--in his environment and in his emotional ties. He doesn't want to be pinned down, so he retreats into himself. He's too involved with living and with serving causes, with his career and his evolvement as an actor, to give up the precious moments that are his alone. He needs room and privacy to grow.

All this may make Pete sound like a guy who has no room in his heart or in his life for love--but nothing could be farther from the truth! Though he may not want to be pinned down by unnecessary things and though he may like a simple, private life--he does enjoy sharing his life and his feelings. He's as open and ready for love as a guy who finds romance in the sweet smell of dew on a newly blossomed rose. It takes a little longer, though, for you to discover this about Pete, because his individual ways may frighten you away. Don't let them! Pete is a very warm, compassionate, often sentimental person whose capacity for love and tenderness is as big as his need for standing up for what he believes in. Pete's love is a pure and honest kind, because he's so careful in sharing his emotions--and when he does, he knows and you know how very real they are. His is the kind of love that will knock you out, because it is so strong and steady and true. Not given in haste, Pete's love can last--forever!

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