Excerpt from Sally Field A Biography
by Jason Bonderoff
St. Martin's Press, New York, 1987
p. 21

...Sally was regularly photographed on the town with Peter Deuel, Chris George, Paul Peterson, and Jerry Lewis's son Gary. Despite their mutual agreement that they could see other people, it made Steve Craig more than a little jealous. "Steve doesn't like it at all, especially if they're actors," Sally confided, "yet I'm pretty understanding when he goes out with other girls. Maybe I don't mind it so much because I don't know who they are--they're not people in the public eye."

Most of her VIP escorts were "older men"--some of them were even pushing thirty. Peter Deuel, who was twenty-seven, marveled at Sally's maturity. "She's the first young woman I've known who acts her age," he announced. "Most twenty-one-year-olds try to act like they're thirty-five, which makes them dismal flops as far as I'm concerned. Sally's a very refreshing change."

Sally was definitely enchanted by Peter, too, but pretty soon she found another suitor on her doorstep--Gary Lewis....

Photo Caption: In 1965 Sally made a big splash in Hollywood along with "Gidget" co-stars Peter Deuel, who played her brother-in-law, John Cooper, and Lynette Winter, who played her best friend, Larue.

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