Where has all the glamor gone? HOLLYWOOD'S NEW STYLE SETTERS??!!
TV and Movie Screen, July 1969
Imagine Joan Crawford looking like an unmade bed? Or Loretta young dining with her hair looking as through she had combed it with an egg beater? Or Rozalind Russell wearing tattered jeans to a star-studded preview? Or Barbara Stanwyck showing up at a public function in a dress in need of a disinfectant? Impossible? Today, however, there is a new breed of star who has taken over the social scene. They are seen in public places--restaurants, discotheques, nightclubs--in garb that defies description. They are, if you'll pardon the expression, the new style setters. Does freedom or "doing your own thing" require one to be sloppy, unkempt and totally unglamorous? Unconventionality is all very well, but even for the nonconforming woman, it does impose certain limitations if she wishes to keep any of her feminine charm. With these "style-setters" out in full force, it is difficult to tell a Hollywood starlet from a--Beatle!! We look sadly toward the fast-approaching day when best dressed lists are passe and it will be "in" to make the "ten best worst dressed."

Photo Caption: Are Peter Deuel's fingers signifying some kind of victory or two burgers well-done?

CJC's Note: The other style setters (whose pictures have not been scanned) are Mike Nesmith, Sal Mineo, Peggy Lipton, Candice Bergen, Peter Fonda, and Peter Tork. Although some of their clothes look unusual, I wouldn't describe any of them as looking sloppy or unkempt. By the way, Pete had the largest photo.

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