16 Magazine, January 1972

UNLIKE MOST ACTORS' ROLES, "Joshua Smith"--the character Pete Duel portrays on TV--is not that different from the real-life guy who plays him. Pete, in real life, also loves the excitement of the old west. He enjoys the wilderness, the comfort of wearing old jeans, and cowboy boots. And like "Joshua Smith", Pete Duel has an eye for the girls! His dimples, his warm, brown eyes, his sexy smile attract girls like honey lures bees! The only trouble with his "honey" is that he's not sweet all the time! Pete Duel loves like he lives--independently, and free, and slightly rough! It's not easy keeping up with his rules--and his game of love is a challenge--and more important--if you like Pete Duel, read on and then decide if you have what it takes to play Pete's love game!!


It wasn't all that long ago--when Pete lived at home and when it was time for dinner--that his mom could usually find him walking alone in the nearby woods. Pete needed his time alone to think--about life, people and the future. His boyhood escape from the world around him has remained an important part of Pete's life. To this day, he wants and needs the freedom to take long walks alone! He needs to feel mobile--completely independent of ties and duties. This may make Pete sound rather selfish--but he's not. You see, the key to understanding Pete's need for freedom is caring! When Pete cares about someone or something, he doesn't have the itch to move. He doesn't seek escape from ties--if he's tied to someone he likes and cares about! Nevertheless, keep in mind that if you're the girl Pete cares about, he's still going to need those solitary walks, those private moments every now and then--simply to relax. It's easy to see that the girl who dares play Pete's love game shouldn't be hanging on to his shirt-tails all the time--cos Pete wants to be loved, not possessed. The girl should respect his needs and avoid pressuring him into constant companionship. If she is overly possessive, Pete will run fast and far--away from her!


Those times when Pete wants to be with you--and that's often!--are really terrific. He has a fabulous sense of humor and he loves to do the unexpected. If you're the girl in his life, don't be surprised if he calls you early one morning and asks you to be ready in ten minutes to go on an outing in the High Sierra mountains--or on a camping trip to an old mine or an excursion to a deserted ghost town! Pete's a tough guy to keep up with--but being with him is well worth the effort!

Like most really masculine men, Pete's a romantic at heart--and when you're together, he'll show this side of himself a lot. He could surprise you with a bunch of wildflowers or one of his favorite books. Or he'll introduce you to several of his friends. He's showing you off--and that's his way of saying he cares. Pete's rules of love don't include being overly sentimental and affectionate--that's just not this guy's style. The rules do include loyalty and tenderness and unexpected little squeezes when he's holding your hand.

Pete's love game involves taking a risk. It means daring to love a guy who doesn't say everything he feels. It means having the self-confidence to understand that when he needs to be alone, it doesn't mean that he doesn't care for you anymore. It means being an independent type of person yourself--the kind of girl who shares things with Pete, instead of relying on him. The challenge of loving him is worth it--but do you dare take that risk? Pete certainly hopes so!

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