16 Magazine, June 1971

Hannibal Heyes ALIAS Joshua Smith ALIAS PETE DUEL
The whole wild west is looking for Heyes alias Smith! He's wanted for bank robbery, train hold-ups and general bad doings! Pete Duel, the real name of this adorable outlaw is wanted too--by the oodles of fans he's winning each week on ABC's Alias Smith and Jones. What is the real Joshau Smith alias Pete Duel like? Well--he's a gentle, nature-lover who enjoys the simple things in life. Pete's idea of fun is getting into his camper-truck and taking off for the wilderness. Usually Pete goes to California's High Sierra mountains, where he fishes, camps out in a pup tent and just enjoys nature. Sometimes he heads for the dry wastelands in Neveda, exploring old mines and ghost towns. There are many times, though, when Pete likes to stay home in his two-room apartment in West Hollywood, eating health foods and reading political science books. The real Pete--like his alias Joshua Smith--is six feet tall, weighs 155 pounds and has light brown hair and brown eyes. And here's the grooviest news of all--they're both bachelors!
Jed 'Kid' Curry ALIAS Thaddeus Jones ALIAS BEN MURPHY
Curry alias Jones is the other half of this outlaw team who are trying to mend their ways and become model citizens. The real-life Jones, alias Ben Murphy, is already a model--of fabulous good looks and terrific talent! Like Pete, Ben is a bachelor. He likes to take his dates swimming, horseback riding, to plays and movies and to his San Fernando Valley apartment where he can show off his cooking talent. Ben really enjoys putting on the chef's hat and sizzling up a charcoal-broiled steak on his outdoor barbecue. This five feet and eleven inch, 170-pound doll has got a brain as well as brawn! Blond, baby blue-eyed Ben is rarely without a book. He loves to read, especially the classics and contemporary philosophers like Jean-Paul Sartre and Kahlil Gibran. Ben also loves to travel and he's gone across the U.S. and to Canada and Mexico, soaking up experiences that he's put together in scrapbooks. He hopes someday to write a book about the people he's met and the zany adventures he's had. Like the author--the book will probably be a model of literature!
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