16 Magazine, August 1971

"HANNIBAL HEYES" and "Jed 'Kid' Curry" are sidekicks, partners on the path of reformation from criminal derring-do on ABC's hit series Alias Smith And Jones. They laugh a lot together, escape misadventures together, and charm the ladies together. Their great comraderie, the spirit of real friendship that comes across on the show, is one of the ingredients that's made it a smash.

But what happens when "Heyes" and the "Kid" get off their horses and take off their hats? What happens when the film isn't rolling and they're not acting? How friendly are they then? Is that spirit of togetherness all an act? What do they really have to say about each other when they're in their real-life roles of Pete Duel and Ben Murphy? Let's find out the answers right now--as Peter and Ben squeal on each other!!


First and foremost, Pete is a terrific talent. He's great at comedy, drama, action, playing a romantic guy or a heavy villain--anything. He can really do anything and do it well, too.

We're different enough to get along well off screen and on! We bring different interests to each other, so we're always learning from one another--and that's built up a great friendship between us. In other words, what you see on TV is real!

Pete's got an enviable way with girls! Man--all he has to do is flash that smile of his and a girl forgets her own name! It's wild!

He's very ambitious. Acting and being good at it and respected in the profession is his goal, and I'm confident he'll reach it. He's too good not to.

Pete's his own man. He's not really a loner in the sense that he'd rather be by himself than with people. It's just that he's not a conformist. He doesn't hang out with the "in" crowd or go to the "in" places, unless he likes the person or the place. He likes individuals--not stereotypes.

Pete's a nature nut. I mean, you gotta really dig nature to camp out on a desert--like Pete does. Because he loves being outdoors so much, filming for hours at a time in the hot sun doesn't bother him--and it bothers me that it doesn't bother him! I get hot filming in the sun--and to Pete it's perfect shooting conditions!

Pete's a pioneer. He likes to discover relics from the past, or hidden retreats to go to or be the first to tell some little known bit of trivia. I guess this is all part of his adventurous nature. He likes to be out there in the world, doing new things.

He's got a very dry sense of humor. One of his hobbies is collecting old-time, movie stories and jokes. I can be taking a little siesta during a break from filming, and Pete will come by and I'll break up over one of his funny anecdotes--and he'll just stand there with a perfect poker face!


Ben is one of the most intelligent guys I know. I'm always learning from him. And he's not one of those people who know a little bit about a lot of things. He knows a lot about a lot of things!

He's restless. Ben gets bored easily--that's why he's always reading or traveling around. Books and meeting new people keep his mind moving.

The guy is a pushover with the girls! They take one look at Ben, see those piercing blue eyes, and flip! He sees a pretty smile and he flips! Just amazin'!

He's extremely creative. Acting is how he likes to express himself best, but he also writes and paints. And he's a very creative thinker. Talking to Ben--I mean a real conversation--is a great experience, because he expresses himself so well.

Ben's a perfectionist. He's always trying to improve himself in his craft, and I respect that. He goes to acting classes, acting workshops and voice classes, so that he can keep getting better and better.

He's very easygoing and very easy to get along with. He's got a terrific sense of humor that lets him see life with a smile--and that is one of the nicest things about him.

He laughs at my silly stories and I like that a lot!

He's a terrific athlete. He's at home skiing, riding a horse, on a tennis court, playing baseball, swimming, surfing--you name it. He's great at them all!

Ben is likable. I like working with him and I like knowing him--and most of all, I like the friendship we have going.

Ben's a rebel. He has to find his niche with people and places--that's probably why he attended five colleges before finding the right one. He won't accept things or do things because it's expected of him or because others do it. He has to feel right about it and I respect that a great deal.

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