Excerpt from "TV News"
SPEC 16 Magazine, July 1971
Didya know that Pete Duel is a real nature boy? 'Tis true! Pete's idea of getting away from it all is to climb aboard his camper-truck and head off for the wilderness. Pete's favorite spot is somewhere up in California's High Sierra mountains. He's even considering buying land there--at an elevation of 8,500 feet! Pete would be able to pitch his pup tent only six months out of the year, though, cos the rest of the time the land is completely covered with snow and is totally inaccessible! Wow--when Pete wants to be alone, he really means it!....
Ben Murphy, also digs nature--the nature of man! Ben doesn't go around boasting about it, but the truth is he's got quite a brain! (Beauty and brains--what a combination!). If you're ever on the Universal set while Alias Smith and Jones is being filmed and you can't find Ben--just look for the nearest shady tree. Ben will probably be sitting under it, reading a philosophy book by Jean-Paul Sartre or Kahlil Gibran! Ben also likes the outdoors, though his taste runs to swimming and horseback riding rather than camping (as in Pete's case).

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