Spec, March 1972

EVERY FEMALE who watches ABC-TV's Alias Smith And Jones knows that Pete Duel has something that literally curls girls' toes! Now that's sort of shocking for him to hear, cos Pete's always thought of himself as being just like "the boy next door"--in spite of his rugged and rough appearance and his always-looking-around-for-love looks. And maybe you're the girl who's gonna catch Pete, capture his heart and tie him down for good. When you meet adorable Pete, you'd better be prepared for what to expect--so let's open his own private "love book" and expose some little secrets about what Pete Duel does to turn you on!

1. When Pete first meets you, he'll make you feel comfortable--like he's known you for a long, long time. That way, you can relax and act natural, and you and Pete can really get to know each other--fast!
2. On a first date, Pete usually likes to have a few friends over to his place and let you get to know them. Ya' know how they say--"birds of a feather flock together''? Well, Pete figures if you get to know his friends through an informal rap session, then you 'll discover a side of him that most girls don't get to know.
3. After charming Pete has known you for a week or so, he'll want to give you something that tells a story about the real Pete Duel. It's usually a book of poetry or a beautiful scenic picture--something that'll give you an idea of what goes on in his head. And Pete likes it when you give something in return that will let him know what goes on in your head!
4. Sex-y Pete doesn't like crowds, so he looks for an interesting girl who can spend hours with him alone and not get bored. That doesn't mean you should constantly think of something to say, cos Pete wants to be able to look into your eyes and guess what you're thinking. And if you're really open, Pete will usually know what's on your mind.
5. Pete loves to read poetry, but sometimes he thinks that someone else's words can't express how he feels about a girl. So if he can't see you for a few days, lovable Pete might get a pretty card--with no writing on the inside--and write a poem telling you how much he misses you and how much he's looking forward to seeing you again soon. Pete feels that his poetry may not be the best--but it's his! Only he can tell you how he really feels--anyone else's words were written for someone else.
6. If Pete digs you, he'll give you a nickname--not because he doesn't like your name, but because it's a thing the two of you can relate to together--in private! Don't get Pete wrong--he doesn't use the same name for every girl he likes--in fact, he's never used the same name twice! After he gets to know a girl, Pete gives her a name he thinks is really her--a special name that reminds him of only her and the good times they've had together.
7. Pete likes to take pictures of girls, cos it's a way he can always have memories of places you've been together and had a groovy time at. Most girls like to know that a guy remembers the fun times he had with them, so Pete's been known to make a scrapbook of his dates with a girl--and fix it up real nice!! It's something you can both share--so that you will never forget each other!
8. Sometimes Pete likes to do crazy things, cos it's the wild little things he does that let a girl know he really cares. A couple of times Pete has had a date at say eight o'clock--and at about seven he'd send a telegram saying something like "See you in an hour." That's the type of thing a girl never forgets!
9. After Pete's been dating you for a while, he may take you one day--or night--to one of his secret, very private hideaways. There are two or three such places Pete has that no one knows about--they're secluded and far away from the city. If Pete takes you to one of his "romantic" places, you'll know just how he feels about you when you get the sentimental vibrations that are running through Pete's heart!
10. Lastly, when Pete wants you to know he really, really cares--so that you won't have to wonder how he feels--he'll let you know when he says goodnight. A gentle kiss and a caress of your hand are his ways of saying, "I want to see you again--real soon!"

Now you have an idea of how Pete Duel--a real sex-y guy--acts when he's with a charming girl! It's up to you to decide if he's the right guy for you, and also if you dig his love tricks--cos Pete's-open for lotsa love and he is ready for you!!

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