SPEC 16 Magazine
August 1971
Lucky luvvers of ABC's Alias Smith and Jones can rejoice, cos the two most cuddly criminals--Pete Duel and Ben Murphy--will be back on TV every Thursday at 8 P.M.! Right now, the show is on hiatus and the two beautiful bandits are having themselves a very "lawful" summer of fun!

Pete, as "Joshua Smith," rides tall in the saddle, using his charm, wits and good looks to get out of scrapes. Rehearsing and filming his part outdoors in the hot California sun would make most people pooped--but not Pete. No sooner does the show break for vacation than Pete's right back outdoors in the sun. This summer, Pete's taking his camper-truck to the Mojave Desert, where he'll sleep under the stars by night and search for old Western relics by day. He'll also head up to the High Sierra mountains for some fishing. Pete's an avid fisherman--he just loves to sit in a wooded area with the sun peeking through the trees, cast his rod in a lake and wait for the fish to start nibbling! At the same time Pete's relaxing in the woods--he'll be on television every week! His old ABC series Love On A Rooftop is on re-runs for the entire summer. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 9 P.M. to see Pete. That way, you can catch your fav all year 'round! Summer forecast for Pete Duel: hot and happy!

Ben's summer plans are not quite so energetic as his co-star's. Vacation time for Ben means he'll have a chance to work on his book. From his many travels across the U.S. to Canada and Mexico, Ben had put together several scrapbooks of notes and observations on the people he's met and the things he's seen. For a while now, Ben has wanted to edit these notes into a book--and this summer will give him the time to get started on the project. All work and no play is not Ben's idea of a vacation, so a lot of his time will be spent swimming, horseback riding and playing tennis and baseball. Cooking on a barbeque is another of Ben's hobbies, and you can be sure he'll be roasting up wienies for some friends on those beautiful California evenings--with a good game of poker afterwards! A vacation wouldn't be a vacation for Ben if he didn't read--and this summer will he no different. In addition to reading scripts for next season's shows, Ben will read mor of his favorites--classic literature, political science and philosophy books. He'll have time to see more plays and movies too, which he always enjoys doing! Summer forecast for Ben Murphy: beautiful and breezy!

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