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Geoffrey Deuel is the fastest draw in the movies!

As Billy the Kid in the new film, "Chisum," Geoff plays a man feared throughout the old West--a man who killed at least a dozen men before he was out of his teens. Yet Geoff's quick, warm smile and friendly face say that he couldn't possibly be a killer--just as it was with the real Bill the Kid!

Geoff was born in Lockport, New York and attended Ithaca College and Syracuse University before hitchhiking to Hollywood to try his luck. There he studied drama while working as a laborer, and he eventually began getting good TV roles.

Geoff is the brother of actor Peter Duel (who has dropped the first "e" of the family name).

"Chisum" is Geoff's first film role. In keeping with the daring character he plays, Geoff refused to use a double and did all the dangerous action scenes himself.

He's a guy we're going to be seeing a lot more of!

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