Tiger Beat, September 1971

Pete Duel loves the simple life! No fancy penthouses for him! Pete lives in a one-room apartment above a garage near the Universal Studios where "Alias Smith and Jones" is filmed each week. Home is where Pete is happiest; and now you can join him for a guided tour of his private world!

I'VE BEEN WAITING on my steps for you to arrive, so let's get started on our tour! My apartment is small, but I love it. It's just one room and a bath above a garage, but I'd love to share it!

IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY, you'll see writing all around my front door. I like to have my friends sign little messages as they come and go. They're fun to read later!

MY "HOME" MAY BE SMALL, but it's filled with things I love--like shells from the beach, favorite books, and handmade things--presents I've received from my fans!

THIS IS MY FAVORITE SPOT in the apartment--my rocking chair. I often put on my stereo headphones and spend hours just grooving on the music as I rock. It's an antique rocker.

ANTIQUES ARE A HOBBY with me, and another favorite piece is this hat rack and mirror. I found it in a small mining town while I was camping once, and couldn't resist it!

SHARING MY HOME WITH ME is Shoshone, my black and tan dog. That's his playmate from down the street sitting beneath us. I've had fun--hope you like sharing the day.

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