flip, September 1971

Every Thursday night on ABC a goodlooking guy named Hannibal Heyes, er, Joshua Smith rides in two jumps ahead of the law and, with sidekick Thaddeus Jones (Ben Murphy) takes us on another hilarious, hour-long adventure in the Old West.

He's Pete Duel, and his latest role in "Alias Smith and Jones" is his greatest yet. But it's not his first television role, by any means! This summer you'll have the unusual chance to compare the Pete Duel of 1971 with the "Peter Deuel" (that's his real name) of 1966. That's because ABC is running repeat episodes of "Love on a Rooftop," the TV series in which he and Judy Carne played newlyweds living in San Francisco.

The series was a gas--but you may have to look twice to recognize the Pete Duel you know and love today!

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