Peter Deuel Remembrance Club, 1991
He was lots of fun, always kidding around. He was a great guy.
David Vacheron - attended SLU and was in the dramatics club with Peter.

It hurt Pete deeply when nature and people were not respected. Peter taught me to care about these things, to fight for what you believe in and always believe in yourself.
C - met Peter on the set of ASJ and remained friends.

I thought he was down to earth and friendly. He was not condescending to people. He spoke of the big Christmas he had when he was a kid and was aware others didn't have the same advantages
Lee Moore - met Peter at Toys for Tots Telethon

Peter and I enjoyed each other's company a lot and used to see each other very often around Universal in those days. He was an extremely personable fellow and I thought him deeply talented and was sure he had a wonderful future. His death was a great shock as well as a great loss.
Roddy McDowell, worked with Peter on The White Birch.

I met Peter a year before the telethon on the lot of Universal. I liked Peter the first time I saw him. He was friendly and open. He was down to earth and open to everyone. I called his girlfriend after… she said he was happy and felt invincible.
Raymond Horn - arranged Peter's appearance on the Telethon.

He was an enormously charming and charismatic man of unusual complexity. My relationship to him was that of a younger brother to an older one. He had many qualities I lacked and wished I had. I loved him and was envious of him, all at once - much like a brother.
Ben Murphy in letter to fan Betty Wiley

Peter was charming, quixotic, warm and open with people he liked, abrupt with those he did not. I genuinely liked him and I'm pleased to say he felt the same way about me.
Sandy Kenyon - LOART

Pete was a special guy. I got to know him through my dad. In fact Pete was one of our only mutual friends. He was real and that's why we both dug him. I miss him.
David Cassidy

I can only remember the smile on his face, I can never remember any bad things he did. I prefer to remember the smile on his face when he saw his dog Shoshone or when you met him for the first time in the day.
Monty Laird

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