Tiger Beat
July 1971
Full real name: Peter Ellstrom Deuel
Nicknames: Pete
Birthdate: Feb. 24
Birthplace: Penfield, New York
Personal points: brown hair, brown eyes, 6', 158 lbs.
Parents' names: Ellsworth and Lillian
Brothers' and sisters' names: Geoffrey and Pamela
Instruments played: fingers
Age entered show business: 19
Where living: Hollywood
Hobbies: writing poetry, auto racing, wilderness camping
color: brown
drink: organic apple juice
clothes: bells, denim shirts
group: Beatles
car: 1947 Chevrolet
actress: Anne Bancroft
actor: Zero Mostel
food: steak and lobster
dessert: ice cream made with honey
singer: Pamela Deuel
song: "Free Again"
Miscellaneous likes: Shoshone the Wonder Dog, Dianne the Wonder Woman, and my niece Jennifer!
Miscellaneous dislikes: Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution
Personal ambition: peace in a pollution-free environment
Professional ambition: two movies a year

Full real name: Benjamin Murphy
Nicknames: Ben
Age: 29
Birthdate: March 6, 1942
Birthplace: Jonesboro, Ark.
Personal points: light brown hair, blue eyes, 5'11", 170 lbs.
Parents' names: Nadine and Patrick
Brothers' and sister's names: Timothy
Instruments played: guitar
Age entered show business: 25
Where living: North Hollywood
Hobbies: skiing, tennis, cross-country travel by car
color: blue
drink: apple juice
clothes: blue jeans and sandals
group: Beatles
car: Mine ('66 Chevy convertible)
food: salad with organic vegetables
dessert: fruit and honey
singer: James Taylor
actor: Chief Dan George in "Little Big Man"
actress: Liza Minnelli in "Sterile Cuckoo"
city: Mexico City
Miscellaneous likes: that feeling I sometimes feel when I'm totally at peace with myself and with the world; the city after an early morning rain; the country anytime!
Miscellaneous dislikes: up-tight, negative people, rivers and lakes that kill fish, air that keeps children from playing during recess
Personal ambition: be happy with someone very special
Professional ambition: produce, act, write good films

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