Teen Life, September 1971
Name: Pete Duel
TV Series: "Alias Smith and Jones"
Role: Hannibal Heyes (Smith)
Birthdate: February 24
Birthplace: Rochester, New York
Height & Weight: 6', 155 lbs.
Hair & Eyes: brown, brown
Marital Status: single
Parents' Names: Ellsworth & Lillian
Brothers & Sisters: Geoffrey and Pamela
Favorite Food: health foods
Sports: tennis, fishing, camping
Hobbies: reading, seeing old movies
Likes: the outdoors, girls, football
Dislikes: pollution, being tied down
Type of Girl: fun-loving, outdoor types
Present Home: West Hollywood
Previous TV Series: "Love on a Rooftop"
First Ambition: to be an airplane pilot
Current Ambition: to do more traveling
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