by Melvin Durslag
TV Guide, October 15, 1966

After packing the dogs off for Florida, Miss Carne put in a tough day at the studio, following her custom of getting into a beef with her co-star, Peter Deuel, a handsome young graduate of the Gidget series, who is constructed like a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. Deuel had to change shirts, keeping Judy waiting on the set. When he returned, she snapped, "Where the hell have you been? It's hot under these lights."

"Were you glued to the chair?" he responded.

When Judy let him have it broadside with a carbonated remark, he turned to E.W. Swackhamer, the show's producer-director, and growled, "So help me, Swack, I'm gonna belt her the next time."

"Peter and I have a love-hate relationship," says Miss Carne, adding that the language they use on the set is hardly recommended for a convocation of Brownies but is honest language, the kind that holds a friendship together.

At the end of the working day, Judy kissed Deuel good-by, as she did the producer, the wardrobe mistress, the hairdresser, the production supervisor, and sundry others.

Pete Deuel, who, incidentally, also rides a motorcycle, agrees with his producer that Judy has temperament, but explains, "Happily, it's not the obnoxious kind. We have some pretty spicy words for each other, but she fights at a man's level and we never leave the set at night bearing grudges."

Well-organized and fiercely punctual, Miss Carne points out that many of the rhubarbs could be avoided if Deuel weren't given to tardiness. "Pete is a dear-heart," she says, "but damn him, I'm always on time and he's always late, never giving me the chance to make a star's appearance."

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