TV Guide, ca. September 1966
Love on a Rooftop is the year's newlywed comedy. The lovebirds are Julie (Judy Carne) and David (Peter Deuel). Their nest is a barely furnished, windowless flat with rooftop privileges, affording them a glorious view of San Francisco. Julie calls the roof their "patio." David, however, views things more realistically. "Honey," he says, "where I come from, anyplace with 14 TV antennas and pigeons is a roof." Julie's father (Herbert Voland), a blustering used-car tycoon, is singularly unenthusiastic about the apartment. One episode deals with the couple's search for a bed. JULIE: "I don't want just any old bed. For one thing, we should get one that fits in with our decor." FATHER: "Have you tried the city dump?" Rich Little and Barbara Bostock play a pair of gabby neighbors. Debut: ABC, Sept. 6.

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