Two short items on Pete
TV and Movie Screen
March 1967
From gossip/gossip/gossip by Marilyn Beck:
Speaking of parties, I even got into the act this month, having the privilege of honoring my publisher and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Latzen, during one of their rare visits to the West Coast... [skipping over mention of Hugh O'Brian at the party]...It was so nice seeing old friends like Bob Crane, Ed Ames and Peter Deuel chatting together. Both Bob and Ed are neighbors of this reporter and seemed to be doing their best to convince Peter that Tarzana is the only place to live. If it is the country air which is responsible for such great guys as Bob and Ed, then I must agree. Peter Deuel was with stunning-looking Thondis [sic, Thordis] Brandt, an actress he's been seeing an awful lot of lately.
From The Scientific Matchmaker by Arnold Paulus:
Photo Caption: The Dating Game which Sally Field appeared on is no game to Sally. She thinks it's too mechanical and prefers to find her dates on her own--and spontaneously--as she did Peter Deuel, whom she met at a party.

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