Movie TV Secrets, July 1967
An old jazz song of the 1930's used to say, "A good man these days is hard to find." In Hollywood this is especially the case, and as true today as it was then. Eligible bachelors are a commodity hard to come by and if a girl is lucky enough to hook one, statistics show that the majority of Hollywood marriages end in divorce for a number of reasons, most notably career conflicts, or another woman. Perhaps bachelors have the right idea in trying to stay single. We wanted to find out from five of filmdom's best catches. We included three divorced men in our interviewing--oddly enough, the divorced bachelor is usually the real pro. All five prefer not to get hitched just yet. Here's what they each say:


Regardless of the image I promote on Love On A Rooftop, I would probably be a terrible husband. I'm just not the kind of man that takes too many things very seriously. At least not at this time. Perhaps I'm too involved with myself; I really can't say for sure. But I do know that having a wife until I'm a little older would be a mistake.

Playing husband to Judy (Carne) is one thing. I get a lot of enjoyment out of it, and I guess the girl I marry will be something like her. But actually being legally, morally, emotionally, and every other way married, is something else again. I'm just not up to it and the girl that took the chance on me would be in for a disappointment. For one thing, she'd have to be picking up after me every second. I'm sort of careless and I don't keep a very tidy house. Secondly, she'd have to put up with my impulses. Sometimes I just get into a mood to do something and bang, I take off and do it. That wouldn't make for a very stable home environment. Then too, I don't know if I'm really ready for the responsibility of children. It takes a lot to bring up a family and I may be too young to do it.

Frankly, there's nothing bad about being a bachelor. I have a ball. I go out a lot, don't have to answer to anyone, can concentrate on my acting career. What more can one ask for? No, I don't miss love. Not yet anyway. It will happen to me, I'm sure. I have my whole life ahead of me and when I do get married and find love I want to be sure it's right. Hollywood affairs are not my cup of tea.

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