Excerpt from a newspaper
Dallas Morning News
January 4, 1972
Surprising was the death of Pete Duel of ABC's Alias Smith and Jones. In several interview sessions I had with Duel over the years, he seemed a happy-go-lucky fellow on the surface but I got a feeling that he felt that fate had been less than fair to him. Gidget and Love on a Rooftop gave him TV exposure but little personal recognition. Alias Smith and Jones should have been the series that made Duel a household name, but a newcomer by the name of Ben Murphy--a Paul Newman lookalike--stole the show and most of the publicity. Universal Studios said this week that it has a number of completed episodes of the series with Duel and Murphy, and that Duel's role will be re-cast. It might be kind of spooky, but Pete has a brother, Geoffrey--who recently changed his name to Jeff--that could step into the role.

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