FAB 208, 1971 or 1972
1.  What is your real name?
2.  When were you born?
3.  How tall are you?
4.  What colour are your eyes and hair?
5.  Are you married? If not, do you have a girlfriend?
6.  Whereabouts do you live?
7.  Please describe your home.
8.  What is your favourite restaurant and your favourite food?
9.  What kind of car do you drive?
10.  What is your favourite colour?
11.  Do you have any pets?
12.  What are your hobbies or interests in addition to acting?
13.  What were you doing before Alias Smith and Jones?
14.  What has been the saddest thing in your life?
15.  What was the nicest thing that ever happened to you?
16.  What is your personal ambition?
17.  Have you ever been to Britain? Do you have any plans to come here?
18.  Where do you prefer to spend your holidays?
19.  Do you have a fan mail address?
20.  Are you and Ben/Pete/involved socially with each other off the set?

Pete Duel says:

1.  Pete Dueul. [sic]
2.  My birthday is February 24th.
3.  I'm six foot exactly.
4.  My eyes are brown, my hair is light brown.
5.  I'm not married, and I don't have a steady girlfriend at the moment.
6.  West Hollywood.
7.  My home is rustic, very quiet and peaceful, which suits me very well.
8.  I don't have any one particular restaurant as my favorite, but I like plain, simple food.
9.  A 4-speed Camper.
10.  Blue.
11.  I have three dogs, to keep me company.
12.  You could put all my hobbies under the category of Life and Truth.
13.  Movies--Generation, Cannon for Cordova [sic], TV--The Name of the Game, The Psychiatrist, Matt Lincoln, World Premiere.
14.  I can't pin down any one thing sadder than others.
15.  I would answer this the same as the previous question.
16.  To achieve happiness and success within my own private definitions.
17.  No, but I would like to.
18.  In the mountains of the High Sierras.
19.  Universal Studios, Universal City, Hollywood 38, USA.
20.  Ben and I are good friends off the set.

Ben Murphy says:

1.  Benjamin E. Murphy--not telling what the E stands for!
2.  My birthday is March 6th, 19-something.
3.  I'm 5'11" in my socked feet.
4.  I have blue eyes and blond hair.
5.  I'm not married, and I don't have a steady girlfriend--I enjoy dating different girls.
6.  I live in North Hollywood.
7.  I have a small, utilitarian apartment, with large bookshelves to hold my collection of books.
8.  I like any restaurant that serves health foods. I love organic juices and health foods.
9.  I drive a 1966 Aqua Chevy Convertible.
10.  Blue.
11.  No, I don't.
12.  I play guitar, I'm an avid reader, also enjoy karate, tennis, and skiing.
13.  I was under contract to Universal Stduios [sic] and appeared as a regular in The Name of the Game television series.
14.  It happened when I was a child. It's deep inside and I can't find it.
15.  Meeting new friends.
16.  To find inner peace.
17.  No, but I'd like to some day.
18.  With close friends or when I can, with my family.
19.  Universal Studios, Universal City, Hollywood 38, USA.
20.  Pete and I are very good friends.

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